Hypertension Services to reduce high blood pressure Helping You Control Hypertension

Untreated high blood pressure (hypertension) is a silent killer that can easily lead to heart attack or stroke. The really scary part is that you can have hypertension for years without symptoms. Yet, damage to your blood vessels and heart continues. This damage can be detected by a simple screening test.


As your heart pumps harder and your arteries grow narrower with age, your blood pressure increases. Over time, this increased pressure leads to damaged arteries and diminished circulatory health.


We help you control hypertension with medication and lifestyle changes. Simple lifestyle changes can help you control high blood pressure. We also recommend that you eat a healthy diet, reduce your salt intake, exercise regularly, quit smoking and maintain a healthy weight. But sometimes lifestyle changes are not enough. That is why we may recommend medication to lower your blood pressure.


Do not live with hypertension a moment longer. Get a free screening and find out how easily your blood pressure can be controlled.