Diabetes Care & Management

Diabetes Care and Older Adults

Managing Your Diet And Exercise

More than 29 million people have diabetes. Another 8 million people with diabetes are undiagnosed. If you have diabetes, you should know that healthy eating and regular exercise could help you manage this common disease.


If one of our internal medicine doctors diagnoses you with diabetes, we will teach you how to manage your diet and count carbohydrates, because carbohydrates often have the greatest impact on your blood sugar levels. You will learn:

  • That the best carbohydrates for you to eat are fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • About portion control using measuring cups and even a food scale.
  • About the importance of regular exercise – at least 30 minutes a day – to help your body burn glucose (blood sugar) for energy and reduce stress.
  • That exercise and light activity can help your body use insulin more efficiently.


We may recommend insulin and other diabetes medications to lower your blood sugar levels when your diet and exercise regimen are insufficient for managing your disease. We will also teach you about controlling stress, because the hormones your body produces in response to stress may cause your blood sugar level to rise.


Overall, we can help you manage and control your diabetes symptoms so that you can enjoy your life.